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Drink Card

  • 3 Drinks (2 paid, 1 complimentary)
  • Booking in advance saves you up to
    30% on average.
  • Complimentary ride to Honeys
  • Front Line Access
  • No cover charge
  • Tax & service fee included upon checkout

Price valid up to 1 guest ($50)


You’ll get 2 drinks with one on the house because hey, your first toast is on us!  Slide into the night with a free ride straight to “Honeys”, with no strings attached. Forget about cover charges and dive right into the fun. And don’t sweat the small stuff – taxes and club fees? We’ll sort all that out at checkout. So, here’s to a carefree night of fun where your biggest worry is choosing your next drink. 

*Special online pricing is only valid for pre-payment prior to arrival. Upon arrival, pricing is subject to change.